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CCU per room or app as total?

2021-08-02 00:09:15

After reading Plans I'm still confused:

  • 20 CCU
  • Up to 16 Peers per Room
  • I can create different Photon Cloud Apps


  1. So 20 or 16, finally?
  2. Can I have, in a free account, 10 apps, and each getting 20 (o 16???), so I can serve a 200 users distributed among the 10 apps? Or this means that even if I have 10 apps, the 21st user is rejected the connection?

Please make it clear for me. Thanks.


2021-08-02 16:51:28

Hi @Jivana.

The plan CCU or total CCU for the whole app, NOT per room CCU.
So with a 20 CCU plan you can have up to 20 concurrent users of which up to 16 can be inside the same room.

You can have as many appIDs as you need and you can have as many on them use the free 20CCU plan as you need, but the 20CCU plans are for development only. You are not permitted to use them for any commercial purpose or with endusers of any kind.
Also each appID must be used by a separate app that needs to be bought, downloaded and installed by the user separately. You can not use multiple appIDs for the same app to raise the CCU limit to the sum of the limits of those appIDs.

2021-08-02 17:02:59

It's now clear, thanks!

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