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Cross Platform Connecting Demo

2019-07-21 01:11:42

I built the Asteroids demo for Android and PC just to see if it worked. They do not see each others' rooms. What do I need to do to have them be able to be in the same room?


2019-07-22 10:13:55

Hi @GameMechanics,

Thank you for choosing Photon!

Read our "Matchmaking Checklist" carefully.
Make sure clients are connected to the same region (servers) and virtual application (AppId, AppVersion).

2019-07-23 01:59:25

I am literally just changing the platform from PC to Android. I can get 2 PCs in a game but not a PC and an Android.

2019-07-23 03:21:02

I just tried 2 Androids using the same build and they don't see each other.The room list is empty regardless of which one creates the room. The only thing I did was set up the AppID with the wizard. And like I said, PCs see each other. I will begin again just to make sure.

2019-07-23 04:01:49

Nope. Cannot even start from zero and get it to work. Does PUN2 support Android?

2019-07-23 10:46:41

PUN2 support Android yes.
Did you check the AppVersion (PhotonNetwork.AppVersion) and the Region (PhotonNetwork.CloudRegion) from each client?
They must match.

2019-07-23 23:51:59

Can they be different when using the same .apk file?

2019-07-24 09:12:43

Yes if you use Best Region (no explicit Fixed Region from PhotonServerSettings.AppSettings and no Dashboard Regions Filtering).

2019-08-01 23:35:07

That fixed it. Why 2 Android systems in the same room would get different regions is beyond me.


2019-08-28 11:59:39

Hi @GameMechanics,

see "[PUN2] Best Region: investigation and improvements".

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