How can I use assembly definition files in Fusion?


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  • How can I use assembly definition files in Fusion?


  • I manage my own code by defining asmdef.
  • However, the Fusion code belongs to Assembly-CSharp, so it is not accessible as it is.

I tried defining Photon/Fusion/Scripts/Fusion.asmdef , but in that case I get this error at runtime.

InvalidOperationException: Type ControllerPrototype has not been weaved. Has the assembly Fusion been added to NetworkProjectConfig?


  • torisoup
    edited September 2022

    Sorry, I mistakenly thought this method would not work because the error did not disappear after adding it to NetworkProjectConfig.

    To be accurate, after adding it to NetworkProjectConfig, I had to explicitly add the NetworkSceneManagerDefault or else I would have received an error.

    So it has been resolved. Sorry for the trouble.

  • Vivraan
    edited January 2023

    Sorry to necro this thread but I am trying the same thing and getting errors from scripts under Prototyping.

    EDIT: Add Fusion.Editor as an .asmdef reference.