How to reduce noise & echo when using Photon Voice?

I was testing the DemoVoice scene of the Photon Voice. When both the players connected and were using their mics at the same time, there was huge, unbearable noise and echo(tried Photon Mic, noise suppression, echo cancellation). Any way to counter this?
Secondly, is there a setting to change the sensitivity of the mic?


  • Hi @cr7,

    I think I replied to you via email.

    At some point, we cannot do anything if the environment is too noisy or the device does not have a good hardware built-in echo cancellation.
    We just recommend the usage of decent headphones.
    Games that rely on a good audio experience has a disclaimer on start recommending the usage of headphones.

    The microphone sensitivity can be tweaked using the Voice Activity Detection (VAD) feature.
    We offer two Voice Activity Detectors, use only one at once:

    1- in the Recorder (read about it here):
    - you can change the threshold via Recorder.VoiceDetectionThreshold
    - enable it using Recorder.VoiceDetection
    - you can calibrate it using Recorder.VoiceDetectorCalibrate
    2- in the WebRtcAudioDsp:
    it cannot be adjusted or calibrated, just enable it using WebRtcAudioDsp.VAD