Spectator Mode


I want to develop a spectator mode in unity multiplayer. Basically the room creator will be able to spectate/see what exactly what the client see or do (i know its like spying but this is honestly for educational purposes 8-) ). Any suggestion on where to start please ?


  • I think you could just do this with Unity functions. I don't know if this works (I'm very new to Photon) but try it:

    [code2=csharp]Camera.main = yourClientObject.camera;[/code2]

    If this is totally stupid, I'm sorry. Just tried to help :)
  • Photon does not support spectators per se. For Photon, any client that joins a room is treated as player. Also, it makes sense to let anyone create rooms and not require some spectator to create it, just to be the first in it.
    Aside from this, you basically just have to join any room with a client that doesn't act and that makes sure the others know it's not going to (cause it's just watching). Your game logic has to accomodate spectators.