Why is Photon Quantum only for Gaming Circle Members?

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Just wondering.

Why is Quantum the only one that is members-only when Photon Realtime and even the latest Photon Fusion are available to everyone?

I understand that the monthly fee is high because of the high server load.

But why is Quantum the only service that charges a fee when other services let you try up to 20 CCUs for free?


  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
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    Initially, the Circle membership was needed for Quantum, because we invested a lot of time to explain it to each customer. Now, our docs are much better and things became easier.

    While we don't promise an ETA, it is also not a secret anymore that we are going to release Quantum in the same way as Fusion and other SDKs.

  • kyubuns

    That sounds so good to me!

    I look forward to such a day in the near future!