How to test game on one pc

Hi there,
how can i test my networked game on one pc? When I build a version and run a second instance in the editor i can't connect to the same room? Both instances create a new room.

Any advice?



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    Hey there,
    perhaps check your router for possible blocked ports. (the list of ports is here
    If that does not help try if the demos are working. If they are not doublecheck if you got all your settings in the photonserversettings right and that there is no local firewall blocking your programm.

  • JaudatusJaudatus
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    Hi @Captain_Pineapple,
    thank you for the answer. I allowed all required ports in the router and disbaled my local firewall.

    When I open up two builded versions I can see the created room and successfully connect to it but when I open one builded version and the other one in the unity editor it's not working.

    Seems to be a problem with the unity editor. I allowed port 843 for the unity policy.

    I also tried switchting the photonserversettings protocol from UDP to TCP.

    Same result with the demo projects.

    Some ideas?

  • I have the same issues. But three days ago, everything worked fine :-(
  • Hi @Jaudatus, @SadorCorvus,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Go through our "Matchmaking Checklist" carefully.
    Maybe the Unity Editor and the build are not connected to the same region or have different AppId/AppVersion etc.
  • Indeed what John said.
    Just had the same problem, when i set a fixed App Version and a fixed Region in my PhotonServerSettings everything worked fine again.
  • @JohnTube @Captain_Pineapple
    Thank you for the reply. I set a fixed region in the PhotonServerSettings and now it's working fine :smile:

    @SadorCorvus maybe you want to do the same.
  • Thank you sooo much! That made my day!
    I really have no idea why it worked first and I ran in that problem...
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