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How to change player timeout from 10 sec (that unity automatically sets) to 2 sec

2017-06-13 07:23:45

There need to be 2 things done by unity:
a. if master client is not able to send a package then on master client switch that packet should be resend by the new master client automatically
b. allow users to set player time to live for a room as we want that player gets disconnected from photon within 2 sec of no response and photon does it after 10 sec


2017-06-13 11:53:06

Hi @deepikabhansali,

Thank you for choosing Photon!

First, I think let's start by defining things using Photon naming to avoid confusion:

  • Server Timeout: how long the server should wait for a client that is not showing any activity before considering him disconnected. This makes the client disconnected with cause:
    Timeout disconnect by server (which decided an ACK was missing for too long).
    This can't be changed for Photon public cloud.
  • Client Timeout: how long the client should wait for an ack from the server that is not showing any activity before considering disconnecting with cause:
    Timeout disconnect by client (which decided an ACK was missing for too long).
    More info on how to change this.
  • Player TTL: how long an inactive actor should stay inside a room before removing him. This can be set during room creation using RoomOptions.PlayerTTL.

I recommend you can read about "Host Migration and Master Client".

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