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Tickrates for Photon Server and Client

2020-09-03 20:48:26


From what I could understand, a Photon Client always sends its data with a rate defined by PhotonNetwork.SendRate and PhotonNetwork.SerializationRate.

But how does Photon Server handle received packets? Does the server receive and send them synchronously at a certain tickrate or asynchronously? What exactly happens with the packets in the server (enqueued, then dequeued)?

Does a Client receive packets synchronously at a certain tickrate or asynchronously?

Thank you.


2020-09-04 07:50:03

hi, @huyaks69

The server does not have any tick rates except some delay for sending. it may delay sending up to 15 ms to collect more data. but if there is enough data to send they are send right away.

all data that arrive on server are handled as fast as possible and send as fast as possible too

client gets data asynchronously from network and populates internal queue. and user code gets ready to use events, operation responses during call to Service method.


2020-09-05 12:02:48

@chvetsov What exactly does 'enough data to send' mean? Does it ensure that every set of data to be sent consists of new client data?

2020-09-07 09:48:32

hi, @huyaks69

I was wrong. naggling is switched off by default and if it is switched on it does only delay


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