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Nullreference on NetworkRunner after an RPC

2022-01-20 11:12:51

Hello !

I got this nullref after an RPC, it happens at the end of the method. But I can't access the NetworkRunner.cs code to check what went wrong.

Here is the RPC method :

The class of this method inherits indirectly from NetworkBehaviour.

Any idea of what I did wrong and how can I fix it ?


2022-01-23 17:22:59

Hello, I'm back !

So for the NullReferenceException at Fusion.NetworkRunner.get_Stage () (at Fusion/Fusion.Runtime/Runner/NetworkRunner.cs/308), I found out what was the issue !

The problem was coming from the fact that I manually loaded new scenes once I was connected and the networked objects from those new scenes were not referenced by the runner.

To fix this, I created a custom INetworkSceneObjectProvider that I passed to the runner when calling the StartGame method. The important part that I missed was to add these lines of code :


  • when you start to a load new scenes,


  • when you finish loading new scenes,

and Runner.RegisterUniqueObjects(m_sceneNetworkedObjects.Values); right before Runner.InvokeSceneLoadDone();

  • .

And be sure that you have loaded all your scenes before trying to make an RPC from one of these new networked objects ! (I noticed a mistake in my architecture thanks to this haha)

2022-01-24 16:30:13

Thanks for the update. Glad you found this.

I will check with the colleagues if this is something we would add to the docs.

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