Outgoing audio stream bitrate?

What is a good outgoing audio stream bitrate? I'm using Photon Voice 2, a Sampling Rate of (currently) 16000, and the default bitrate is still 30000. And what does this bitrate mean exactly, in particular in relation to the sampling rate? Does it need to be lower perhaps, e.g. match the 16000 of the sampling rate? (I'm also asking because I'm fighting with voice quality troubles.) Thanks!


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    Bitrate is a measure of audio compression in terms of bits per sec. The higher bitrate, the better audio quality but more network bandwidth used. If you want to save bandwidth, reduce bitrate making sure that audio quality is still good for you.
    Typical bitrates supported by Opus codec: https://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?title=Opus#Indicative_bitrate_and_quality
  • Thank you! Does having the "Outgoing Audio Stream Bitrate" value be higher than my "Sampling Rate" value make sense, or would it be a lost cause of sorts?