Type from UPM package has not been weaved

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I'm having an issue with an assembly I'm using from an external UPM package where I place common code that I share between multiple games. I keep getting the error:

Session join/create failed. Type Foo.Components.FoobarGameRoomController has not been weaved. Has the assembly Foo been added to NetworkProjectConfig?

I tried adding the Foo assembly to Assemblies to Weave but it just gets automatically removed the next time I run the game in the editor. And the same error shows up.

I tried disabling weaving by removing the FusionCodeGen folder and I get the same error but now complaining about Assembly-CSharp:

Session join/create failed. Type ControllerPrototype has not been weaved. Has the assembly Assembly-CSharp been added to NetworkProjectConfig?

Does Fusion not support putting common classes in a UPM package?

Any help would be appreciated. I tried asking in Discord but got no responses.

Here's the link to the Discord question:



  • Oh my, the issue was that I completely missed the "Apply" button on the settings object, and so they always reverted. Hitting Apply did the trick!