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Photon Chat not working in WebGL ?

2020-06-09 21:46:30


my project works correctly both in windows and in linux, but i can't seem to make Photon Chat (downloaded from the asset store, Photon Chat Free but i have the 100CCU subscription) work in webGL.

Previously, I had a message in the console that said that it was unable to connect to wss, so i temporarily setup CORS to allow all resources. Now the message does not appear anymore, but photon chat still is not working.

I tried explicitly to set

this.chatClient.TransportProtocol = ExitGames.Client.Photon.ConnectionProtocol.WebSocketSecure;

and the intellisense says "Note: No Websocket IPhotonSocket implementation is in this assembly" - I am unsure if this could be the issue?

do i need to install PUN rather than photon chat? I only require the chat as a feature? Any pointers are appreciated, thanks!


2020-06-10 08:11:15

Hi @Untrusted,

Thank you for choosing Photon!

I assume you downloaded this.
It could be that it has some issue yes as we don't update that asset often.

What I recommend is that you download PUN 2 as it includes Photon Chat.
Import only "Assets\Photon\PhotonChat" and "Assets\Photon\PhotonLibs".
Or import all and ignore files not needed OR you can clean up unused or not needed files, delete folders "Assets\PhotonRealtime" and "Assets\PhotonUnityNetworking".

2020-06-10 22:20:35

Thank you,

i updated to the PUN2 package, changed my code to reflect the PUN2 example changes and now it works!

2020-06-11 11:31:56

I see, thanks for the update.
If changes were not that big maybe we could update Photon Chat easily then and avoid this in the future.

2020-07-01 21:08:45

Hi again, sorry for upping this post but I was not sure if it warranted a new thread!

It seems that the WebGL version sometimes disconnects the client (never happened with the linux or windows client). Any way to catch this, or is there maybe something specific that has to be done that I am missing? It seems like this happen after a long idle session, as long as people can type this doesn't happen.

Thank you!

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