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Fusion and Gamelift

2022-02-28 13:26:53


We made a dedicated server and client application using Fusion, we use the game session to search and join games, and testing it locally it works fine.

  1. We would like to host our server in the cloud, to start/close servers on demand, and we understand that we'll need to use a service like Gamelift? Photon doesn't provide headless server hosting and orchestration?

  2. We would like to use Gamelift, but there is a side I don't understand, is how to integrate Fusion game session with Gamelift Game session and matchmaking system, could you please provide more details on how to proceed on this?

As I understand we use Photon fusion matchmaking and Photon cloud when for playing a Fusion multiplayer game. We have these calls:

// Start or join (depends on gamemode) a session with a specific name

await m_runner.StartGame(new StartGameArgs()


GameMode = mode,

SessionName = HeadlessUtils.IsHeadlessMode() ? null : Guid.NewGuid().ToString(),


here we are using Fusion Matchmaking and Cloud, how to use Gamelift Matchmaking instead?

Is it possible to do? or we are obliged to use Fusion game session/matchamaking and cloud?

In either case, can you please detail how to make fusion use exclusively Gamelift Matchmaking, or how we can have fusion matchmaking interact with Gamelift matchamking?

Thank you for the help;



2022-03-01 12:38:26

  1. Right, we don't offer headless server orchestration.

You would need GameLift to provide a headless instance, which equals a room. E.g. the matchmaking could assign a room name and spin up a server (headless instance) for it.

Exchange the room name for the matching players. All join that room name as session.

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