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How can I use the JoinSessionLobby/OnSessionListUpdated to receive a list of sessions one can join?

2022-03-26 07:08:49


I am trying to implement some custom lobbies.

Fusion provides the JoinSessionLobby, StartGame and the OnSessionListUpdated callback. Now... how can I get these session list updated callbacks because if I use StartGame and create multiple players on multiple shared sessions with StartGame, it never gets called. If I use JoinSessionLobby then this gets called (although with an empty list) but the other callbacks don't and as a result my player doesn't spawn.

The result I get from JoinSessionLobby is OK - TRUE and ShutdownReason OK


2022-03-26 10:58:11


Yes, you can use JoinSessionLobby to connect to a lobby and the OnSessionListUpdated to join a game session listed in the lobby based on its SessionInfo.

The answer to your question about how you can implement this: Check out this Sample project from Fusion, it is done here:

They have implemented the exact same behavior you're looking for.

Kind regards

2022-03-26 14:03:43

Thank you so much for the reply, I will take a look but just by checking out the page it seems like it is doing pretty much what I want. :)

2022-06-15 07:51:06

Does the sample project create it's own custom lobbies?

From this line in App.cs, I can see that the app is joining a custom lobby, but can't find a place where it is hosting these lobbies (if necessary at all).

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