Unable to join Discord because I can't change the name of my account


Please help me about account verification for Discord.

I recently found that I need to verify my account to view Discord messages, but I can't pass the verification.

I think I need to change the name of my account. So I clicked 'CHANGE' button on the Name field.

Then, this page appears that tells me there's no billing account associated. I don't know how to do. This account is free account but not new account, rather old account. There seems to be no way to change my name.

So please help me about the verification.

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi, you can ignore the fields under "Your Account Information".

    You only need the "Join Photon Channel" button.

  • hammmm
    edited November 25

    Thank you, the problem has been solved.

    There was an error like 'you need to verify your account in order to perform this action' when I clicked "Join Photon Channel" button. But it was because I logged in discord with different account on the browser than discord app.

    So I logged out and logged in again and clicked "Join Photon Channel" button, and the account was verified.