Converting a byte[] from java (JNI) to pass to NDK

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I'd like to use the native library for Android, and i'd like to pass some data from Java to the native library.

The data i'd like to pass is a byte array (byte[])

I define a JNI native method like so:

JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_demo_android_loadBalancing_PhotonNetworkingProvider_raiseEvent(JNIEnv* env, jobject obj, jbyte eventCode, jboolean reliable, jbyteArray data)

A jbyteArray can be converted into a byte array (byte*), however the Photon Cloud library works internally with a nByte type which is incompatible.

How can i properly pass a byte array into the library (to be wrapped as data inside a Hashtable that will be sent in an event) ?



  • nByte is defined as unsigned char, which matches the C# byte on the server side, which is unsigned, too
    In you JNI function just cast the byte* to nByte*.
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