Adding login and account functionality

Hi, what would be good ways to include login and account functionality in my game. I want allow people to register and account, login with it, and keep their user data. I know PUN doesn't offer that, but how else can I do it. Would Photon Server work? I have a virtual private server that I could use to store a database.

Would anyone be able to give me any suggestions? Thank you.


  • Hello Reimus.

    I'm basically doing that, as many others :), I use Photon Cloud and use a another server (the same that host my game website) for the rest:
    - authentication (Photon allow to use custom authentication, works great, i recommend you to buy an SSL certificate on your server)
    - some basics analytic
    - friends
    - keeping players information

    The back-end technology I'm using is PHP with MySQL.

    Don T.
  • I use Kii Cloud for user accounts, but as Don said, you could also roll your own. I haven't used the custom auth with KiiCloud though, if it's even possible. I haven't read up on it too much. But with KiiCloud, and their various APIs, I can have users make accounts for the game on the website without intervention from me.
  • Thank you for the advice. I found a service that works with Unity called Parse and I am working on integrating it into my game.
  • We think PlayFab is a great service and they are integrating Photon, too.
  • I would have used Playfab, but they don't have the user management capabilities that Kii has.
  • Is it possible to have Playfab authenticate a non-integrated Photon AppID? Seeing as I already have a realtime AppID from Photon with 100CCU, it would be nice to be able to use that.
  • Im using a seperate server to run my login and register systems (i find it the easiest). I find photon's custom authentication service is very poorly documented and is hard to use.
  • PHP/MYSQL is the way to go in my opinion. Simply send a www request from unity to your server and accept the response in unity :)
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    Hi @Dev,

    "I find photon's custom authentication service is very poorly documented and is hard to use."

    Can you please state why you think so?

    Do you talk about this documentation page :