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Starting microphone failed: issue with photon voice

2022-01-24 09:30:49

Sometimes in quest2 app with unity and i am Instantiate component with PhotonVoiceNetwork and recorder attached to it .I got errors related to starting microphone failed .Even android permission for microphone is also added .10 out 2-3 times error is coming

Unity Version :2018.4.7f1

Photon Voice :v2.15

Logs Related to this issue :

Unity: [Voice(Clone).Recorder] Setting recorder's source to Unity microphone device

Unity: [Voice(Clone).Recorder] [PV] MicWrapper: initializing microphone '', suggested frequency = 48000).

Unity: [Voice(Clone).Recorder] [PV] MicWrapper does not support suggested frequency 48000 (min: 16000, max: 16000). Setting to 16000

Unity: Starting microphone failed: "An error occured that wasn't supposed to. Contact support. " (33)

Photon.Voice.Unity.MicWrapper:.ctor(String, Int32, ILogger)


Unity: [Voice(Clone).Recorder] [PV] MicWrapper: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at Photon.Voice.Unity.MicWrapper..ctor (System.String device, System.Int32 suggestedFrequency, Photon.Voice.ILogger logger) [0x00000] in <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0

After that Recorder.isRecording = false

after room joining no one in room is not able to listen my voice .can you help me why i am getting this error.Is there something i miss .


2022-01-24 13:41:04

Hi @parul,

Thank you for choosing Photon!

This is an exception thrown due to a Unity issue in Microphone API / class.

You can try and reproduce using Unity code without Photon code, simply try starting recording using Microphone.Start method and same device (default probably).

So we suggest to try Photon MicrophoneType from Recorder (native plugin) OR contact Unity or Oculus about this error 33. You can submit a bug report to Unity.

2022-01-25 10:46:15

I am trying changing microphone type from Recorder to photon .can photon microphone type not depend on Unity Microphone API. How it works can you explain me ?After some testing with Photon microphone type will let you it works or not.

2022-01-28 12:31:11

After changing microphone type to Photon type in recorder its working fine in quest .

2022-01-28 13:29:40

Thanks for testing and confirming it works.

Photon microphone type uses a native plugin for the supported platforms.

2022-01-31 15:22:42

Hi @parul,

I wanted to come back to this discussion and maybe add the issue to the documentation.

However, I'm curious, do you disable Recorder.UseMicrophoneTypeFallback? as normally by default if Unity microphone type fails, Photon microphone type will be chosen and used.

2022-02-02 14:23:43

@JohnTube we are currently using Photon Voice :v2.15 and Recorder.UseMicrophoneTypeFallback is not in that version .

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