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Muting a specific player with photon voice

2021-10-12 01:28:49

I want each client connected to the voice server to be able to choose who they hear talking or to put it another way I want each player to be able to mute other players by pushing a button next to their player name.

I can't find anything in the documentation on how this is achieved. Is it by manipulating the voicerecorder on the local instantiated network prefabs that contain the voicerecorder and voicespeaker scripts? Is it as simple as setting voicerecorder.transmit to false in the local instantiation of the network player?


2021-10-13 07:04:52


Thank you for choosing Photon!

In general to mute we use AudioSource.mute or AudioSource.volume as we rely on Unity's AudioSource component for playback.

So you can have a method to mute using Speaker component of a player:

If you don't know which Speaker belongs to which player, you can brute force (not recommended):

If you use PUN integration, this makes it easier, you can mute by player like this:

2021-10-15 05:31:33

Thank you. I solved this problem~!

2023-07-27 12:00:13


We tried the same method, put a debug log to confirm that in here:

public bool ToggleMuteSpeaker(Speaker speaker, bool mute) {

AudioSource audioSource = speaker.GetComponent();


Debug.Log("To mute: " + mute);

audioSource.mute = mute;



We tried that on PlayStation 5, but it does not work. The log has output correctly. Is there any workarounds?

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