Implementation in Cocos Creator?

Hi, I'm using the Cocos Creator game engine. So far, I'm quite confused as to how to get started with Photon engine in Cocos Creator, especially this part I don't understand from the Photon Engine example:



  • vadim
    vadim mod
    edited February 2020

    Copy Photon-Javascript_SDK.js to your project and set it as a plugin when Cocos Creator asks to do so.
    Then 'Photon' and 'Exitgames' objects will be available in global namespace.

    We also provide typescript declaration file for Photon library Photon-Javascript_SDK.d.ts but I could not make any use of it in Cocos Creator.

    Unfortunately, all samples that we provide based on typescript code. The snippet in your post is js code generated from typescript.
    For realtime client, you need to create Photon.LoadBalancing.LoadBalancingClient object, optionally override callbacks and use it according to documentation
    Generated js code basically does the same.
    For chat applications, use Photon.Chat.ChatClient object.