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Bullet damage to other player with raycasting. Answer fast please(

2020-10-28 08:48:25

So, I made a gun with raycasting and I don't know how to apply damage to player I'm looking at. Just like: if (Physics.Raycast(...)) { if (hit.collider.tag == "Player") hit.collider.GetComponent().hp -= 10; }
But how to do it over PUN2?


2020-10-29 07:09:53

Sending an RPC. If you don't know what this is check out

2020-10-29 07:21:07

@S_Oliver wrote: »

Sending an RPC.

ye i already got it.
For thoose who went here for help:

void Update()
RaycastHit hit;
if (Physics.Raycast(head.transform.position, transform.forward, out hit, 50f))
if (hit.collider.tag == "Player")
this.photonView.RPC("GetDamage", RpcTarget.All, hit.collider.GetComponent().UserID);

public void GetDamage(string userid)
if (PhotonNetwork.LocalPlayer.Owner.UserID == userid)
GetComponent().hp -= 30;

i think i wrote something wrong but the main idea is that we have method which we give a player's user id that we looking at
then the method on all players' clients checks, if one of player has the same userid as given one
if true: get damaged

hope you understand, it is so simple for me. I was thinking about it 1 day

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