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A game with the specified id already exist

2018-02-28 08:22:47

Hey guys! I reaching out for some help, having a problem with this: As it's always 4 players in a game and it works fine 95% of the times and we get a normal PhotonID. But sometimes when 4 players are seated we get PhotonID=11 or 10, just out of the blue and as long as its only one table using photonid=11 its fine, but there can comes 2-3 tables using same PhotonID and the problems starts, sync issues, games not starting etc.

Here is the issue:
Operation failed: OperationResponse 227: ReturnCode: 32766 (A game with the specified id already exist.). Parameters: {} Server: MasterServer

Like I said, this happens very rare but it happens, any suggestions?


[Deleted User]
2018-03-01 09:34:19

Hi @Endeavour,

The error message states, that operation 227 isn't working. OperationCode 227 is for creating a room. The entire error message states, that you are trying to create a room with a name which has already been created and which is still available and not closed.

2018-06-18 16:05:33

I'm getting this error also, (also on rare occasion, but would like to solve it before release obviously).

I've attempted to do one of these types of things:

But it never says the "Room Already Exists" error... and still shows the other error.. :/ :'(

2018-06-18 18:41:45

The only thing that I can figure is that rooms don't automatically close when they are emptied and need to be closed manually (thus booting the masterClient instead of the masterClient leaving)

check out

[Deleted User]
2018-06-21 09:26:59

Hi @DDeathlonger,

which values do you use for EmptyRoomTtl and PlayerTtl when creating the room?

2018-08-30 14:43:38

@Christian_Simon hey, thanks for responding,
I'm not sure, I haven't had the issue since this comment, but if it comes up again I'll look.
Thank you for the reply.

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