Input on Shared mode

How does input work on shared mode? Handling input via FixedUpdateNetwork is delayed by a few seconds on Shared mode.


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    Hi @Jaynesh ,

    Do you mean that your own player movement (for example) is delayed on your local machine? Or that your player has a delay to on other machines from other players?

    If the case is the latter, then it is expected to have some delay, yes, as the connection is always relayed when using Shared Mode, but it should not be delayed for a few seconds, as you described.

    Are you using the Best Region (leaving empty the Fixed Region field on the PhotonAppSettings) or are you connecting to a specific Region? Are you able to test with another Region?

    Also, does this also happen with the default sample included on the SDK? 


    Ramon Melo

    Photon Fusion Team

  • @ramonmelo

    Thanks for your reply. I'm using this example here

    On shared mode, it detects the input after 2-3 seconds. On hosted mode, it's almost instant.