Player disappear, no errors or anything else happens

Sometimes after the game starts, the player disappears from the game. No error appears, the game object is removed from the scene and nothing else happens.

mainPlayer = (GameObject)PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("playerName",, Quaternion.identity);)

The player has a photon view and the only observed component is "PhotonRigidbodyView".
I checked the "Photon stats gui" and I have really low resends.
I have a photon view in my manager because I call some RPC from it. I don't know if it can produce some problems.
I don't know how to resolve that, does anyone have an idea regarding the cause?


  • I back traced the destruction of the player and I found that photon calls "DestroyPlayerObjects", I don't know why. Is there a reason why photon calls that?
  • The "DestroyPlayerObjects" is triggered by the Leave event, but I don't leave the room, it happens only at the beginning, when the player joins the room
  • Resolved
  • TobiasTobias admin
    Thanks for updating.
    How did you resolve this?
  • I have some sort of player position controller that controls which region of the world the players are in. If the player changes region, he will be disconnected from the current room and will join a new room for the new region. But I forgot to write some controls for this region change, so the player was disconnected from the room and then disappeared.
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