Jitter When Enabling Client Predicted Physics


Hello, I have been working on a small project to learn Fusion. The goal is to make a 2D hover-racer game like the original F-Zero. Right now I have a simple environment where multiple players can join a room and drive around a flat plane I stuck a track texture on.

The players are controlled by a control script that calculates a velocity vector to send to the network rigid body. It was behaving as desired apart from input lag for non-host players, so I tried enabling Client Physics prediction. However, this seems to cause a lot of jitter. Here is a video showing what happens for a non-host player: https://youtu.be/ys1g1SiiD4U.

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this? As of right now it seems like I have to choose between having input lag with no jitter or jitter with no input lag.