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Which Photon product to choose?

2022-02-10 08:21:42

What is the best product for a MOBA game?

The number of players is up to 24. It is necessary to synchronize the position and speed of the players, their items, and also implement reactions to spells. There are also NPCs (mobs and neutrals) in the game that must also be synchronized between all players.

First, the choice fell on PUN. But now it is in the Legacy section, same as BOLT. But there were new Fusion and Quantum. Which product is the best fit?


2022-02-14 10:11:12

If this also aims for mobile and is a project for a studio or even a small team: Quantum. It doesn't need a host to run and the results are fair and clear.

Runner up would be Fusion.

As you say, Bolt and PUN are no longer in active development.

2022-02-14 11:52:22

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I forgot to clarify that this is primarily a mobile game, although we also want to launch the game on WebGL. Active users are expected to be no more than 10k. Please tell us about the main differences between Fusion and Quantum.

We are currently using PUN 2 with Unity 2020.3.21 and have frequent disconnects from the room (DisconnectCause = Exception (4)). Especially in cases when push-notifications are received from other applications, with incoming calls, and on iOS when the application is minimized (even for a 2-3 seconds).

We are thinking about changing technology.

2022-02-24 13:48:39

On iOS, you can't stay connected when the app goes into the background. The connection is cut immediately.

You can use ReconnectAndRejoin() to get back into a room. Combine it with a PlayerTTL (set when creating rooms) and you can maybe even hide the re-join for the others.

Please refer to the docs for the specific features of Quantum and Fusion. I linked to both and it's really too much to copy paste here.

With mobile and WebGL as main platforms, I now lean towards Quantum, as Fusion does not support WebGL yet anyways.

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