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[Solved]Excuse me,I had this problem when I transferred the owner, what is the reason for this?

2022-02-02 09:44:05

''Failed to find a PhotonView with ID=1012 for incoming OwnershipTransfer event (newOwnerActorNumber=1), sender=1

But it doesn't say what's wrong with my script. The errors shown above are photon's scripts....


2022-02-03 11:10:25

How did you solve this?

2022-02-05 14:44:56

Yes please tell us. I am also facing this issue while transferring ownership. it was working fine and now I tested again after making irrelevant changes and this happens...

2022-02-05 15:11:10

Actually, I guess I just needed to rubber duck.

So, although I never did make any changes since I last checked its functionality, Now it was giving me the error - which is fine. Cause I found what it was yelling about.

One of my scripts is created for each player manage their gameobject, and although I told it to only create them if the view owner was Master, I didnt check if it was also (pv.ismine)

Basically, each client knew that the view was the masterclient's and so it would create the items on each client, instead of only if they're the master client.

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