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What does "For Games only" mean on the PUN pricing page?

2022-03-10 21:24:52

Good afternoon,

I am very interested in Photon PUBLIC Cloud and Photon PREMIUM Cloud.

I have a question regarding PUN : on the pricing page, it is written that PUN can only be used for games.

What does that mean exactly? Is it a technical limitation or don't you allow people to use PUN in an app if you do not consider it to be a game? If so, do you state somewhere in your terms of use what you consider to be a game or not?

Thanks in advance!


2022-03-21 22:12:13

I'm wondering this as well, we have an education client needing a small learning experience. From what I can tell, we can't use Photon for it at all - which is odd as that license restriction wasn't there last time I checked on it.

2022-03-22 00:42:37

Hi @PJacquemont, hi @lsummers.

The pricing page does NOT state, that PUN can only be used for games. It states that the pricing options for PUN that are listed there can only be used for games.

Games in this context means mass market games that are sold to the general public i.e. on app stores.

You can absolutely use PUN for non-gaming use-cases as well, but when you do so, you need to subscribe to an Photon industries plan instead of a Photon gaming plan.

I have to admit that the pricing page could be clearer about this and will bring this topic up internally.

See for more information about Photon Industries.

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