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About RTT in test Photon application

2021-10-29 08:10:37


I've just switch from my own networking to the Unity Steam SDK and after that I switched to Photon to cut off all the platform dependencies.

Everything seems to work BUT..

On my own server I usually had ~20+ RTT.

On Steam, depends on the player against whom I measure it was ~15-60 RTT.

With the same players (we are testing from the same part of the southern Poland)

through the Photon Room, we have stable 100-120 RTT.

Measurement code doesn't change, logically it works the same way. My question is:

Is it normal RTT on the Photon or I'm doing something wrong?

Is it caused by using default free project on the Photon?

If so, may I improve that by paying for server space?

Im connecting to the "eu" server: ConnectToRegionMaster("eu");

My dispatcher looks like this:




2021-11-01 16:20:06

There is nothing you have to buy and or upgrade. The connections to the public Photon Cloud are the same for everyone and depend on your location and connection to our servers and your local lag.

If you use the Photon Unity SDK, your code calls SendOutgoingCommands and DispatchIncomingCommands. One sends the messages, the other receives whatever is incoming. You can send after your game wrote updates and receive in each frame to keep local lag minimal.

2021-11-02 05:58:08

Its already what I'm doing. Dispatcher works with 100fps.

120+ RTT is high and I asked if I can improve it somehow by using some of your products.

Photon seems to be ideal solution for our game but 4-5x higher RTT as default its kind of hard to deal with.

From your perspective is this normal? We all have great internet connections and much lower RTT on other solutions. Please let me help solve this, we really want to go with photon :(

2021-11-02 16:22:01

I think it's not normal but I also don't know much about your project. Everything I know is what you posted here.

What's your loadBalancingClient.LoadBalancingPeer.RoundTripTime? Mine is < 20ms.

2021-11-02 17:27:21

Soo now its clear, 42-52ms. so 120+ between players seems clear.

For EU you provide only Amsterdam or is there any way to connect to Frankfurt too? (most common data center in middle/east part of Europe)

2021-12-15 10:35:10

In EU, we only have one location at the moment, sorry.

It sounds as if you are after making PUN 2 authoritative or something like that. You need the full roundtrip?

If so, have a look at Fusion. When you run it in Host/Server mode, we attempt to make a direct connection. We recommend Fusion as solution for new projects and if you test RTTs, this may be just the right time for you to move to it.

The Fusion docs are here. The downloads are found in the docs, too.

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