Unity AI with Photon

Hello, we are a small indie game studio that is trying to make a game similar to hunt showdown(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW5HtSfzODs), we are currently trying to make the AI, and I just have a question do we have to go for quantum servers, cause we will have like 100 zombies in the environment, or can we achieve that with normal Photon Pun, beside the players playing at the same time.


  • Well. Quantum has a Bot SDK, so that could be leveraged to create zombies. In context of the Multiplayer Game Jam, Quantum is currently free to use and might be worth a look. Once you know how to use it, you rarely have to worry about how to keep the state in sync via network. This may be a benefit.

    I would use Fusion in pretty much all cases. Yes, you may be able to pull this off in PUN 2 and others did already but there are just a lot of networking problems which PUN 2 doesn't solve for you. You'll be better off with Fusion.

  • Okay thank you will check it out