Best way to find which player is 'my' player in scene?

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I need a way to find which player in the scene is 'my' player when clicking a button on a user interface. I can't use 'hasInputAuthority' directly because the script is running on the UI and not the player object.

The only way I can think of is to search through every player object in the scene and check which one 'hasInputAuthority', but this seems a very inefficient way of doing it, especially if there are a lot of players in the scene. Is there a better way?

Edit: To clarify a bit, I want to perform an action on 'my' player when clicking the UI button. For example, changing clothes. I'm thinking RPC is the way to go with this but I'm still not sure how to call it since I don't have an instance of 'my' player object.

Update: I have now also tried:

NetworkObject player = runner.GetPlayerObject(runner.LocalPlayer);

But this just returns null.


  • Okay, I have a solution that works, don't know if it's the best. Whilst the above doesn't work, the following does seem to find your own player:

    GameObject myPlayer = GameObject.Find(runner.LocalPlayer.ToString());

  • Hi,

    NetworkObject player = runner.GetPlayerObject(runner.LocalPlayer);

    The above request you to first set the player object. An example would be setting when you spawn the player character. You can set only one NetworkObject for each player.

    NetworkObject playerObj = runner.spawn(playerPrefab, playerRef);
    runner.SetPlayerObject(playerObj, playerRef);

    Note that this can only be done on the Host/Server.

    In Shared mode, each player can set it own PlayerObject as long as they have authority over that NetworkObject .

    Using PlayerObject should be more safe and optimize than GameObject.Find


    Isaac Augusto

    Photon Fusion Team

  • Thank you. This works perfectly.