Photon Fusion Setup Not Working With Some Devices

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edited April 2023 in Fusion

Hi people 👋 I have a buggy behavior that I couldn’t fix with my mobile game. The error is that my client won’t move in the host’s view. The client tries to move but returns to position zero. We are using hosted mode.

Testing Done: 

  • iPhone X is the host & can move. Clients (iPhone 12, 2 Unity Editor players) couldn’t move. Clients can see the host move.
  • iPhone 12 is the host & can move. 2 Unity Editor clients can move. iPhone X client couldn’t move.

What makes everything weirder is that this behavior switches sometimes. In some cases, the iPhone 12 host wouldn’t let clients move but, clients can move when iPhone X is the host. I can’t figure out why this happens. The issue looks device-specific, but it is not…

I added my scripts. If you see any issues or know why this could happen, I’ll appreciate your thoughts. I am kind of out of options.

Setup: A scene with only the camera, event system, light, cubes, and RunnerSpawner Script.

Project Hierarchy

  • NetworkRunnerPrefab holds the NetworkRunner and Spawner.cs
  • PlayerPrefab holds below scripts on itself and has child capsule as move target
  • Sphere and MeshRenderer
  • NetworkObject
  • NetworkTransfrom
  • TestNetworkPlayer.cs
  • TestCharacterMovement.cs
  • TestCharacterInputHandler.cs