What does CCU mean?

What does CCU mean? 20 CCU mean 20 players in whole game or 20 CCU per room/session?
What to do if I have 5000 active users but 100 CCU?


  • total number of users


    Concurrent Users (CCU)
    The number of users allowed to connect to your application is defined by its CCU. For plans the CCU total is defined by the sum of peaks for all regions.

    Sample Month: EU peak 420 CCU, US peak 230 CCU, Other regions 0 CCU — CCU total = 420 + 230 = 650, matching 1000 CCU plan.

    Monthly Active Users (MAU)
    We assume, as rule of thumb and based on our experience, 1 CCU to match 20 daily active users (DAU). Each DAU translates to 20 monthly actives (MAU).