P2P through Photon in Unity

I want to try using Photon for my multiplayer and I have a couple of generic questions.
1. Does PUN support P2P connection for matchmaking?
By that I mean the regular stuff like when 1 of the players is a room host (its pc is a host and a server) and the others connect to it through matchmaking as clients though the internet.
2. Does it support LAN multiplayer?

P.S. sorry for the dumb questions.


  • Hi @AlienTed,

    To the first question: No, there is no P2P in PUN. If you want to use P2P, I would recommend you taking a look at Photon Bolt, which supports P2P. There is also a free version on the Asset Store.

    To the second question: Short answer: no. Long answer: It's possible, to host the Photon Server on your own. If all clients are in the same local network as the server, you could use it locally. The server however stills needs an internet connection as far as I know. If you want to use LAN multiplayer, you can take a look at Photon Bolt again, which supports LAN.
  • AlienTedAlienTed
    edited November 2018
    Hi @Christian_Simon
    Thanks for your help. It says that Photon Bolt is suitable for action games and stuff. Will it do well with TBS games?
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