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Having trouble getting player count on Fusion

2022-04-12 23:53:25

Anyone have ideas on what I'm doing wrong, or alternatives to getting a player count from a networked session?

int playerCount = Runner.SessionInfo.PlayerCount;


int maxCount = Runner.SessionInfo.MaxPlayers;

are both returning 0 for me.

This is coming from an object with a NetworkObject component attached to an object that has a script that is a NetworkBehaviour. No console errors. They are also only called after Spawned() is called.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


2022-04-21 10:09:48

Hi @Hedayk ,

Runner.SessionInfo.PlayerCount and Runner.SessionInfo.MaxPlayers are valid only for matchmaking when you are looking into sessions from a Lobby.

On the Server, you can get the current Player count like this NetworkRunner.ActivePlayers.Count().


Ramon Melo

Photon Fusion Team

2022-09-15 12:54:38

That doesn't compile, but this will new List<PlayerRef>(_runner.ActivePlayers).Count

Not as clean and efficient as I'd like. If there's a better way, do tell!

2022-09-15 13:00:48

This does compile as long as you include:

2022-12-22 02:15:49



Could we update the wording on the documentation of "SessionInfo" under NetworkRunner?

Currently, it states that it returns information about the CURRENT session which is not always true.

Follow up question: Is there a way to get the Sessions MaxPlayer Count while already connected to a session?

2023-01-03 12:15:42


To get the MaxPlayerCount, you could just store the value you're going to pass toStartGameArgs.

Isaac Augusto

Photon Fusion Team

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