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Spawning, GO.setActive and changing transform parent

2023-01-06 17:39:03

Hello! I have a very specific use case that I already tried some strange solutions but none worked :/

I need to:

  • Spawn an asset (a collectible)

  • This spawns as a child of a "breakable" object (transform.child)

  • And needs to be inactive, and the break interaction will activate it (gameobject.setactive)

The problem is that only the spawning of the above steps are actually working remotely... I've tried the OnBeforeSpawn and it does work for some things, but not for changing parent nor getting the object active or de-active

The object has NetworkTransform, NetworkObject .I am running a Shared Architecture

BONUS: I needed to add a new behaviour to some objects, I ended up changing the behavior and only initializing the ones I needed... Is is possible to add a networkBehaviour to some Network objects?


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