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NetworkRunner ShutdownAction

2022-02-09 10:53:02

NetworkRunner shouldn't change the scene on ShutdownAction. My company projects use multiple scenes and calling SceneManager.LoadScene(0) breaks everything.


2022-02-10 15:13:11

Hi @Eldirfar ,

Can you elaborate?

Fusion does not change scenes automatically, it only changes if the Server explicitly makes the change.


Ramon Melo

Photon Fusion Team

2022-02-15 14:44:44

NetworkRunner is calling SceneManager.LoadScene(0) explicitly. Please look at internal IEnumerator ShutdownWithCleanupCoroutine()

2022-02-23 13:05:30

Hi @Eldirfar ,

This specific internal method is used for debugging only purposes, that is why it is associated with the "Shutdown" button on the NetworkRunner component.

In order to shut down your Runner instance, just call the "<runner_insntance>.Shutdown()" method directly.

This will make the Fusion Runner disconnect from the cloud, and shut down, stopping the simulation.


Ramon Melo

Photon Fusion Team

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