Fusion Local Player Lagging

Hello Photon Team.

I created my first project with Fusion Recently. I had worked with PUN and Mirror.

So far I had some issues with Fusion but I'm learning it and it's way better than I thought. Great Job on Fusion Photon Team👍️

I'm developing a Multiplayer Car Game and so far the Synchronization is AWESOME. but the Car game object for the local player is a bit laggy and the sound effects is weird.

Here is a sample video for more info.


This is my Car's Components:

PlayerSync is a script I wrote for syncing Camos and Wheel Smoke Effect

I tried using:

  • Network Transform
  • Network Transform Obsolete
  • Network Transform Ancher
  • Network Position Rotation
  • Network Rigidbody
  • Network Rigidbody Obsolete

So far the Network Rigidbody was the best, but still a bit laggy for the local player.

What should I do that the network scripts won't effect the local gameObject?