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CCU --> MAU for learning games used in school?

2018-03-28 08:41:21

I see you estimate that 20 CCU typically can fit with ~8K MAU and 100 CCU to ~40K MAU.
And you base this on your hunch and statistics across all your titles? (source1, source2).
Do you have any data or experience from learning games which are used in schools? I imagine that such products suffer from a much more negative CCU to MAU ratio. 20 CCU is not even enough to support one class and they would typically play only during normal school hours.

I would much rather use your PUN service than self-hosted Server because self-hosted Server is too difficult to setup, even on Azure which is one of the most popular cloud services out there.
But it seems that for a learning game like ours, we would have to use self-hosted in order to support the big difference between high peak hours and quites hours without breaking the bank. Or am I missing a point here? Do you have alternative pricing plans which are less hard on these kind of products?


2018-03-28 13:18:15

You need a license for Photon Server (self-host), too, to cover your used CCU and number of running servers. It may be more cost effective than using Photon Cloud, it may not be - depends. Where do you see your savings with Photon Server?

Please keep in mind, 20 ccu is the free plan, so yes, it might absolutely not fit for a commercial project.
Next step is 100 ccu, which you get for less than 2 USD / month.

Please get back at [email protected] to discuss options, if that does not work for you, thanks.
Please include info about your project

  • commercial?
  • how many classes at a time?
  • how many users in a class?
  • ...

2018-03-29 09:03:13

Where do you see your savings with Photon Server?
When I have a game with a few hours of high peak usage (school hours) and the rest of the time with very little usage. The CCU license for Server is much cheaper and I could scale the VM up only during those peak usage hours (or even automatically perhaps).

I understand your lack of response regarding data to mean that you don't have general data regarding learning games?
I'll ask [email protected] about this then.

2018-03-29 09:43:51

Photon Server license being cheaper depends a lot on how many CCU you get on one machine and how much traffic you generate. Keep that in mind, when doing calculations.
Assuming you start with a few classes at the same time (e.g. 15) that would be in the 500 CCU range. That is $95 for both, Cloud and Server. But for server, in addition you have to pay the hosting costs.

There are no general numbers, as each game or app is widely different regarding CCU, traffic, msg/s etc. and other requirements.

Will find a solution via your ticket.

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