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RPC Error

2021-10-19 02:49:17

I am receiving the error "RPC method 'Reduce Health' found on object with PhotonView 2099 but has wrong parameters. Implement as 'ReduceHealth(Single)' PhotonMessageInfo optional as final parameter. Return type must be void or IEnumerator (if you enable RunRpcCoroutines)"

Here is the relevant code ("SetHealth()" is called from a different script):

public void SetHealth(float health)


photonView.RPC("UpdateHealthBar", RpcTarget.All, health);



void UpdateHealthBar(float health)


healthBar.value = health;//updates the health bar value

fill.color = gradient.Evaluate(health);//updates the health bar colour


If anyone could help me that would be great.



[Deleted User]
2021-10-19 03:37:56

Hi, please make sure that the PhotonView is correct. Your error doesn't seem related to the piece of code you sent. ReduceHealth is not the function you're trying to get working, yet that is what was sent in the error. Please also make sure that you have a PhotonView attached as a component, preferably use MonoBehaviourPun instead of the regular MonoBehaviour.

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