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Disconnection Issue "Server Timeout"

2022-06-28 00:27:14


I have been working on a game with PUN2 and it was working perfectly fine yesterday, but today it keeps disconnecting after a few minutes with no error log, so I used OnDisconnected and printed the cause to the console, which says "Server Timeout". I haven't changed anything since yesterday. I have already read the Analyzing Disconnects page but none of the solutions there seemed to work. Any help would be appreciated.



2022-06-28 08:16:23

We don't have enough info to help.

You could check if your region's Photon Cloud has any issues or if we tweeted about issues.

If it's neither, it makes sense to let us know more details about the issues. Where they happen, etc. Basically what's described on the "Getting Help" page.

2022-06-28 18:22:13

There are no issues on the Photon Cloud. I'm using PUN 2 version 2.40 on Unity 2021.3.4f1. After creating a room and joining with another client, one of the players disconnects after a few minutes with error message "ServerTimeout", at which point it destroys all the instantiated GameObjects associated with that player. The other player then disconnects a few minutes later with the same error. This happens regardless of the region I use, the hardware I use, or whether I'm playing on the same or different Wi-Fi networks. When I switched the protocol to TCP, the disconnections happened a lot later, typically after 15-20 minutes of joining the room, rather than the 3-5 minutes with UDP. But the disconnections always happen regardless of how much I send over the network and whether or not I'm actively doing stuff in the game. Nothing seems to affect it.

2022-06-29 10:13:21

Sounds odd. It's really likely a problem with your connection of how you send / keep sending. Are you running a VPN? Did you actually try different networks (office and home or cafe)?

A first step is likely to enable the SupportLogger and up the logging levels in the PhotonServerSettings. Then run into the issue and send the logs.

You could try the "alternative ports", as described in the docs.

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