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Can I save server-side data with PUN?

2013-05-26 01:40:22

I'm fairly new to Unity 3D and have just come across this networking solution. So far it's been a breeze to get started with a multiplayer game but now I have a few questions about the scope of this network engine.

For example, the game I'm looking to create will require certain player attributes to be stored somewhere persistent like a server. This will be things like xp values, skill levels, inventory items, items worn. If these were stored locally then if someone logged into the game from another location, their character would be completely different, so obviously some persistent form of data storage is necessary to hold this player-specific and room-specific data.

Based on what I've read so far, am I correct in assuming that PUN doesn't provide any method to save and read data on the cloud. If I'm wrong and actually it does could anyone point me in the right direction? If not, are there any recommended solutions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



2013-05-27 15:25:47

The Photon Cloud does not save profiles (or any other data). We like to focus on the realtime aspect of multiplayer and make it easy to combine Photon with other solutions. Or you can get into server side programming in Photon and use any C# database-layer you wanted.

You could combine Photon with an external community or similar service, like Roarengine. It saves player accounts (login), properties and friends. Fetch those values from that service and use them in Photon.

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