Is it possible to use Epic Online Services (EOS) with Photon?

Hi there,

I would like to user the cross play features of EOS with Photon as Cloud Service.

Is it possible to do that? I do have EOS and Photon already integrated in my C/C++ project.

Thanks, Anla


  • Hi @anla76.

    Is it possible to do that?

    It don't see any reason why it should not be possible. states the following:

    Epic Online Services (EOS) is an engine-agnostic system that provides a range of cross-platform online features, including: player-centric features such as achievements and leaderboards, commercial features such as the ability to purchase in-game items, and social features such as voice communication and friends lists.

    Nothing in that list is inherently incompatible with Photon.

  • Hi Kaiserludi,

    thanks for your reply. I thought the same, but just wanted to confirm it.

    Also we are not using Unreal Engine, but a pure C/C++ implementation of both SDKs.

    Regards, Anla