How Disable or greatly increase ServerDisconnectTimeout? PUN

With poor Internet I get a lot of disconnects by timeout. I increase client timeout, count allowance and quickresetannempts and this error disappeared.

PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer.SentCountAllowance = 200;(before 10)
PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer.DisconnectTimeout = 50000;(before 10000)
PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer.QuickResendAttempts = 3;(before 2)

But I get disconnect by server timeout error too, how do I raise this value? Photon Cloud, without a photon server. SendRate = 20


  • Hi @dmitrii,

    if you haven't done this already, I'm asking you to check the Analyzing Disconnects documentation page and see if you get some helpful tips there.

    I guess increasing the DisconnectTimeout value does not work in this case, because you can't change this value on the server. The server might also disconnect a client, if ACKs messages get lost on the way.
  • @Christian_Simon
    Thank you! I have already read Disconnected Analyzes and checked all the options.

    I reduced the number and frequency of the RPC, it did not help. I checked that the packets do not disappear through the CRC filter - the losses are 0. But sometimes, the Internet is lagging and the photon is immediately disconnected, but it is necessary that he wait until the Internet is available and continue the game. Early i geted ClientTimeout, but now i increase client timeout time and now i get serverTimeout.
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