Photon Pun2 VRIK, Final IK, Full Body Avatar Networking

Hello All, I recently started work on a VR Multiplayer project. I am running to some issues with syncing VRIK across the network.

I am using Unity XR, Final IK VRIK and XR Interactions Toolkit.

My issue is that when I am testing two client instances, the head movements seem to be shared.

Moving my head on one client will move the other network players head as well as my own.

I am trying to do a full body VRIK setup with Procedural Animations. I have kept the XR Rig separate from the network player instantiation.

I have passed head and hands data to another object and then passed those objects into the target of the VRIK network Player.

I will post some screen shots.

I would really appreciate some tips or help on this it seems crazy that everything else is working well but the heads are shared.

Here is the code as well


  • so it was a false positive due to being on the same machine I believe.