Enable Unity's Ui only for the player how triggered it


I am having quite a hard time trying to find a solution to my problem.
I am trying to activate a panel with Unity's new UI, but this panel to be active only on the screen of the player who triggered it and not to the others. I am trying to use photonView.isMine but it is not behaving as it should. the problem for this is that if I trigger the panel on a view that is not mine, it shows the panel only on my view, so this is not what I need. I need the panel to be shown only on the screen of the player who triggered it.
Your help would be much appreciated.


  • If you only need to show it on the player who triggered it, why use network synchronization at all for that?
    You can simply use it like any local UI.
  • Thank you for your answer. The thing is that if I activate/instantiate a gameobject using SetActive/Instantiate this action is automatically visible in all instances of the game. I'm not syncronising anything with PhotonView - but the gameobject is visible for all players. I spent hours to find a solution for this. Would a code snippet from my project be useful?
  • I use network synchronozation in my game for the chat system and I also synchronize many of the actions inside the game, but some UI Panels I preffer them to b visible only local, for the player who triggered it. Is it possible to achieve this using Photon and can you please point me in the right direction of doing this?

  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭
    Remove PhotonView component from UI panel. This will break synchronization and make panels appearance independent on all clients.
  • Hi,
    I have tried this, first thing, activating an UI Panel without any PhotonView Component.
    I even tried activating locally a cube, again without any PhotonView Component.
    In both cases, it is not behaving as expected, both gameobjects are activated on all Player Views, even if they do not have a PhotonView component on them. :(
    So, I really do not what to do next ..
  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭
    Would be interesting to look at simple repro app where cubes synchronized w/o PhotonView's.
    How do you "activate" cubes, by the way?
  • I activate them as I would without any PhotonView component.
    Hitting a collider, OnTriggerEnter(Collier col) and then cube.setActive(true).
  • Hi,

    No one can point in the proper direction of solving my issue?
  • Hi,

    So I've found what is causing the first appearance of a panel for all players, when triggered.
    The player prefab, which I instantiate OnJoinedRoom and which triggers the panel has a PhotonTransformView script and this is set to the Observe option of the PhotonView.
    The Observe option is set to "Unreliable on Change". If turn it off I get the behaviour I need for the UI Panels, but the movement of the character is no longer synchronized.
    So my question is, can I change the Observe option of the PhotonView by script, during game-play? For example, to switch it from "Unreliable on Change" to "Off" when hitting a collider?

  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭
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    You definitely should separate functionality and decouple gui from player object. So that state of player never affects gui state.
    To change gui state, send messages to it when required.
  • I am also having the same problem
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