Unity Photon Steam Friend Invite


I am the founder of Partical Studios. Currently we're working on a new game. We're using Photon Networking for our new game. But i have a problem about Steam Invite.

I am creating a room in game then i want to invite my steam friends to the room. For this;

CSteamID invitedUserId = (CSteamID)0;

When he acceptes the invite, how can i bring him to my room? I want him to join my room directly.
Please help me, thanks!


  • Wow, can't any body help me?
  • Well okay. Some one helped me and finally i have made it.
    First you need to create a callback from GameRichPresenceJoinRequested_t (it's in unity steamworks api)
    Then you need to bring him to your room with the room's name.

    Example Code:
    //The Callback
    protected Callback m_GameRichPresenceJoinRequested;

    //Creating the callback write it on void start
    m_GameRichPresenceJoinRequested = Callback.Create(OnGameRichPresenceJoinRequested);

    //When the player accepts the invite
    //Create a void to join the game. Then start the void with the connection string.

    private void OnGameRichPresenceJoinRequested(GameRichPresenceJoinRequested_t pCallback) {
  • Unironically, thanks a ton for replying to your own post about this, it's frustratingly difficult to find any reasonable information on this.
  • Thanks a lot for replying on your own comment :D

    It helped me alot