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How to change player timeout from 10 sec (that unity automatically sets) to 2 sec

Server list with ping and list of servers on all the regions

animator trigger not synchronizing

Spawn / Sync existing game object (Player)?

PUN reconnect / player actorID

Serialize Image

how to check how many clients are connected to photon server?

Why does OnTriggerEnter call on client and master

Difference between photonView.viewID and PhotonNetwork.player.ID

Question about PlayerTtl

How to count number of specific players in a lobby?

How to handle Client Timeout

Return to lobby after leaving game

Increasing send rate makes game become more laggy

How to get a client ID?

Cannot send to

Is there a limit to the number of variables stored in room custom properties?

How to get scene load progress when using photonnetwork.loadlevel

Reloading scene issue

Output all voice conversations into .wav, .mp3 etc

RaiseEvent failing. Event can't be sent!

Is PUN the right choice for dedicated servers?

PhotonNetwork.automaticallySyncScene = true explain please?

How to get the ping value ?

Error 10054 with Photon Server

Totally SOLVED how to get photon view or game object of owner

How to handle error 32746 (already joined)?

Room is still visible when it should not


Cannot send messages when not connected. Either connect to Photon OR use offline mode! Photon

Need help with doing nicknames, leaderboards and printing names on players

Get Player Ping and Names in room..

Scene Loading

PhotonView ID duplicate found

How to send videos through the network??

Photon Voice and iphone

Help syncing Health

Observered components about ragdoll player

Ways to identify/find network objects

Position Sync Problem(Solved)

Duplicate UserIDs

Hacking RPC calls

Persistent leaderboard/player ranking

Adjust ServerSettings at runtime?

Which are the best settings to sync position & rotation ?

Lag when using either the Smooth Sync Movement or NetworkCharacter script. How do I get rid of lag?

How Do I Sync a NavMeshAgent?

Sync IK

EmptyRoom TTL?

Possible to limit max players and max messages per room from Dashboard.

Is it possible to stream audio?

Client can't move Rigidbody scene object.

A game with the specified id already exist

PhotonPlayer display other players name

How do I achieve perfect movement sync using photon?

[Question] Photon Rigidbody Collision Problem

Objects with the same RaiseEvent, call just for one?

Synchronous Match Making

Destroy gameobject in RPC

CCU --> MAU for learning games used in school?

Unity Photon Steam Friend Invite

Networking rigid body object doesn't work well

Synchronize moving platform over network(jerkin on client)

Best approach for syncing child transforms

PvP Collision Based Multiplayer

Photon not rejoining Master Server after leaving room


Send a message or RPC to single client?


Easy way to use PUN over LAN?

Getting error 32748 (user does not exist in game) when using room.playerTTL setter

[Solved] Can't join room with the same player.NickName

PhotonPlayer to gameObject?

Possible to set viewID at runtime?

synchronization of objects

How to handle a NPC properly?

LoadLevel or LoadLevelAsync

Other clients can't see Master Client and where to call CRCCheckEnabled?

Photon Pick up Item - Like in PUBG

Operation failed

Transfer Ownership

PUN vs Photon realtime

Operation failed

Enabling and Disabling objects over the network

Stuck at ConnectingToNameServer

RaiseEvent seems to not execute properly.

[Unity Pun] How to handle big amount of objects?

How to sync a list?

Proper way to sync physics and collisions

Urgent Problem, I can't instantiate players.

Sync Ai

[Help] How to sync materials of my players' MeshRenderer.

photon networking joining room failed with same username with 2 players

Differences between Lobby and Room

Strange error

Pooling Objects in PUN

Any way to disable CloseConnection for master

Connecting to Master Server works in build but not editor.

How Disable or greatly increase ServerDisconnectTimeout? PUN

Check and Assign Team

PUN Between Android and iOS

Master Client only connected, players list is OK. Clients connect, players appear as null

Photon Network RPC Random Range Problem

Photon Network Unlimited Players???

Can I use photon as a database? (save information server side)

How to log and debug

PUN 2.0 Transform View

Whitelisting on firewall

Sync loading for every players before spawn in Scene

Player prefab suddenly disappears from the scene

Basic Scoreboard

Illegal view ID

PUN 2, OnPhotonInstantiate isn't being called

How to connect to photon with a webGL game?

Automatic Sync Scene strange behaviour

Message limits per room enforced?

Displaying Game Over Win/Lose to players

Getting room list in PUN 2

How to reconnect before connection timeout?

Clear event cache in channel

Can't connect to Photon Server.

How to invite friends to play together?

Photon voice 2 - Voice chat not working?

OnPlayerPropertiesUpdate not called?

P2P through Photon in Unity

How many players are in a scene?

How to sync a variable through Photon

Unique ID

Using PUN Voice with OVR Lip Sync

How to test game on one pc

Pun 2 PlayerList

Wait for all player in room loaded scene

PUNRPC in coroutine

Unable to receive large amount of data through RPC

Works in unity editor but not in build

Best Photon product for an Open World MMO

Internet connection issues

PUN 2 - Get Custom Properties Of Players

Set custom Properties of a room

Jitter on client side's player.

New players spawning twice on existing players

Animator view and triggers

Any way to send large data via rpc's without it kicking us offline?

The type or namespace name 'RoomInfo' could not be found

Cannot hear voice in the editor neither see created speaker i the hierarchy. However works on device

Restricting joining room with non-matching game version

Client unable to see other players in the same room. Master can however.

How to create many rooms (at least 100+)

How to call OnDisconnect?

Does the server or the client initiate connections?

Detect other player has QUIT the application, not just disconnected

OnPlayerEnteredRoom/OnPlayerLeftRoom Methods - No Suitable Method Found to Override

Photon data flow and informational security

Accessing a Player by his Actor number

Pause Menu in Multiplayer Game ?

can i get Private chat history ?

How to Get the list of current Rooms in photon 2 ?

Linux Linking Issue

How to know which photonView is the masterclient

Need help. How to enable lobby statistics?

Steam Authentication

Problems with getting XSTS Token

RaiseEvent OnEvent() not firing

High ping PUNBasis

WebGL and Photon Voice

I am recieving an error Game Does Not Exist

Why OnJoinedRoom() Not Woking?

The type 'JsonConvert' exists in both 'Newtonsoft.Json

How do I send RPC call right before I disconnect from the server? (or leave the room)

PhotonView ID Resetting

RPC problem

Significant Problems with PhotonNetwork.time and timestamps

PhotonNetwork.LeaveRoom and disconnect all clients

Can custom room properties be arrays?

OperationResponse 230

PhotonNetwork.ConnectToRegion not working

RPC - Null Reference Exception

Possible addition of "Unreliable" RPCs?

Is PUN based on Peer to Peer?

How to reconnect and rejoin when mobile app goes to background. Best practice?

Clearing Buffered RPCs

Need a little help understanding data transfer between clients

Two Different Websocket


OperationResponse 230

How to reset room or remove room

Received OnSerialization for view ID xxxx. We have no such PhotonView...

Check if Client

Multiple Unity Projects - Same App ID

Ball Sync Issue

Cross Platform Connecting Demo

Connection failure

Room not visible to second client

PhotonNetwork.isMessageQueueRunning and SetRoomCustomProperties

Get packets loss

How does the master client know others players joined room?

Failed parsing address

Lag with only two players.

Join room between two countries

Observed scripts have to implement IPunObservable.

The type or namespace name 'Pun' does not exist in the namespace 'Photon'.

Streaming video/frames with rpc

[PUN2] Best Region

How do not destroy objects when the owner exit

RPC problem with PhotonViews

Pun2 working in android mode debug. but not working mode production

Continuing game once internet is disconnected and connected back again

Cant Connect From Other Computer

Photon License Server rejected floating license

(Unity) Serializing a ScriptableObject containing struct arrays containing Vector3, Quaternions etc

Problem with PhotonNetwork.GetCustomRoomList

How does SetTimeout work ?

PlayerList.ActorNumber problem

How to initialize Recorder ? Photon Voice

Maximum number of players in a room

OnPlayerPropertiesUpdate / OnRoomPropertiesUpdate are not called

How to reduce noise & echo when using Photon Voice?

How to identify player sending RaiseEvent - OnEvent

IP Address

Difference PUN2 Free and PUN2+ ?

I can't see other players

Photon Voice Stuck in Disconnecting State after Pause

PhotonView does not exist! View was/is ours.

Error in tutorial (PUN)

Background Music Syncing

[SOLVED] DisconnectByServerLogic and Game closed error from OnJoinRoomFailed

How do a synch a name change?

Outgoing audio stream bitrate?

Timeout with Photon cloud

Troubles with instantiation and ownership

Calling an RPC on a different object/class

How to monitor CCU?

Photon Voice 2 not working on Oculus Quest (Unity3D)


Cached events

On joining a room, I get an error when I try to set my voice groups.

Difference between Actor and User

Failed to connect to server after testing each known IP. on Universal Windows Platform

How to kick a player

iOS support

How to check and join a room with a specific name

What is called when max CCU is reached?

PhotonNetwork does not contain a definition for player

OnPlayerEnteredRoom( Player newplayer ) not working

How to test two clients on one device?

Singletons, DontDestroyOnLoad, and PhotonView ID duplicate found

Implementation in Cocos Creator?

What does PhotonNetwork.IsConnected exactly mean?

Disconnected with error 1039


Call another instance/player's method

synchronize the rotation

[HELP][PUN 2] Not Receiving RPC requests when Time.timeScale set to 0

Access to third party controller scripts for Photon player instantiation


Cannot Join Created Room [SOLVED]

Custom Instantiation Data

How to use PhotonNetwork.Instantiate with Object Data

Detect Number of players in specific rooms

JoinRandomRoom failed. Client is on GameServer (must be Master Server for matchmaking) and ready

peer being disconnected, Send buffer full

Photon Voice will NOT work

Joining and Re-joining Lobbies

Detect when user is talking with VoiceDetection

PhotonNetwork.CurrentRoom keeps returning null, even when CreateRoom() succeeded

How to identify our own player ?

System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005)

Why am I getting a null reference exception error?

How do I access Photon Teams Manager?

Photon network won't join random room with a custom property

How to use custom player properties

Assigning a 'role' or player number for each player in the room

Setting up Client-Side Prediction and having the MasterClient keep the authoritative game state.

PhotonNetowrk.Isconnected true, client state

Setting custom player properties?

RigidBody networked player is jittering using PUN

my input values ​​sync late

Photon Voice 2

Unity 2019.3.12 Namespace not found & unable to update assemblies

Ownership and destroying objects

How To Get Players In Room

Kick player WITHOUT RPC. Close connection of a player by the master client without using rpc.

Photon Voice Low Volume

Add component to instantiated gameboject

I want to call PunRPC only to a specific player

Managing Local multiplayer and Online Multiplayer

Is it Possible to Show Custom Properties List which are being set in a room?


Photon Chat not working in WebGL ?

Teleport a player to a location

Change microphone device using script

How to create a private room using Photon?

Please help, trying to sync flashlight over network,Please Help, i need to sync flashlight over netw

Sync scroll rect

Photon Unity

RPC send but not receive by player

Other players stuttering constantly

Photonview.Owner null in OnPhotonInstantiate

Problem with second client joining voice room

Best Practice for Leaving and Rejoining an existing room

Photon Voice Based On Distance (3D Audio)

Unity (WebGL) Build doesn't work with Photon Pun

Actor Number

How to create a squad/party system and join a game together?

How can i get (or create) a real time clock for my multiplayer game?

[solved] Unity / Gradle problems building for Android (Oculus Quest) - Could not resolve audioinaec

How to prevent older versions of the client from connecting to PhotonNetwork?

What is the ActorNumber/UserID naming scheme and clashing numbers?

Kick out all players or close the room when the master client is disconnected

End Game a multiplayer Game

How can I apply damage to my player character? And sync value across players

How can a Client destroy a SceneObject?

Unity XR Interaction Toolkit and Photon 2

Which product should I choose?

Multiple rooms question

How to disconnect a player if he gets banned on Playfab while connected to game?

No WebGL possible with PUN 2


Question about OpRaiseEvent() and SendOutgoingCommands()

Get player number in room with ViewID

DefaultPool fails to load my prefab once or twice then it works

Does local/offline mode count against CCU?

How to use triggers with PUN?

Tickrates for Photon Server and Client

Invalid worldAABB. Object is too large or too far away from the origin.

What does CCU mean?

Error on disconnect

PhotonNetwork.isConnected is even true if I have no internet access

NetworkInstantiate prefab with multiple Views

Can't get ping for all regions

How client can send data(int) to another client ???

Can I publish a game that uses the 20 ccu free license model?

How to Synchronize PhotonAnimatorView for dynamically added animator and animation controller?

Connected but failed to create room

Photon Secret Key is visible in Error Log?

How does PUN2 lift the room peers limit?

JoinRoom failed. Client is on MasterServer but not ready for operations

Where is ReturnCode Full List?

Instantiating scene object when not being a master

Android Volume Controls Broken By Photon Voice

High Ping

Syncing Timer

Collision detection on the server side

How to reduce bandwidth consumption?

Problem with missing assembly reference when using Visual Studio Code editor

Bullet damage to other player with raycasting. Answer fast please(

Check If Room Exists?

Still having disconnection problem (ClientTimeout)

Check if player is in a room

Clear individual buffered RPC calls

How to use IPunPrefabPool

Photon and animation rigging

UserID already joined the specified game. (JoinMode = 0, Return Code

Synchronize an array between players

Screen Sharing Broadcast One to Many

Join room error

Oculus Quest 2 with hand tracking, grabbable objects not synced.

Issue when master client leave

RPC call on another Gameobject


How to implement both 2D and 3D spatial audio effect in one room?

Am I misunderstanding sending an RPC to a player?

I cant join the Phasmophobia servers in Photon Laumcher and then he shows me error (0x0000124)

What is the best/easiest way to keep a ScriptableObject (class) updated for both players ?

Consistently loop through players in a room

Custom room properties update question

Need help with Hashtables

Port forwarding issue / photon service stopping

DNS.GetHostEntry() failed

Problem with connecting to specific region

Photon instantiated objects delete themselves when new player joins room.

Specify game server IP address

Operation SetProperties (252) error on scene load after game - can't find origin

Issues with OnPhotonSerializeView

MacOS Build Fail

Webgl connection problems

Free license

OnPhotonSerializeView error IndexOutOfRangeException

Unity using Photon.Pun not working

Handle Disconnect

How to get the list of all rooms

Weapon pickups?

OnRoomListUpdate not being called

problem joinlobby

Implementing Party/invite for friends to join together in a room

How can I get current room's name with PUN 2

Can't start OFFLINE mode while connected!

Generate unique room code to share with friends

Keep some player instantiated objects in the room when leaving

Rooms with password

Leaving room in Photon

error CS0103

Get Room properties and Player properties

GetRegions Failed Error ( GetRegions failed. Can't provide regions list. )

PhotonNetwork.SetMasterClient() not working


Instantiate the game object for the local player only

PhotonNetwork.InstantiateRoomObject has owner != null?

Photon Voice 2 - Quest 2 Speaker/Headphones

Photon Mic versus Unity mic on different platforms and settings

Player disappear, no errors or anything else happens

ERROR You have missing MonoBehaviours on your gameobjects!

Getting my PlayerID

Sending messages directly from client to client

Why do I get Operation LeaveRoom (254) not called because client is not connected or not ready yet

Set opponent nickname

Problem with Joining (players are joined, but apparently not in same room)

When will onroomlistupdate() be called?

Deleting Library folder and opening results in an infinite import loop

Problem with removing players from lists on leave/disconnect

[Resolved] Using MySQL Database with Photon

Checking when all players have loaded in and then creating an array

How do I sync character colors?

Photon user objects destroyed on disconnect

How to work with addressable x resources

CreateRoom failed. Client is on GameServer(must be master server for matchmaking) and ready. Wait fo

How to fix matchmaking when only a few users are existing?

How to setup photon room code join system

Exceeding bandwidth limits by a lot.

Issue with the PlayerNumbering.cs script in the PUN Utility scripts

How do you send data to client from the server.

Locate Master Client GameObject using PhotonNetwork.IsMasterClient

Buffered RPC vs Non-buffered RPC (initializing joining players) + design patterns w/ Photon

Photon Transform View Not Syncing

How to disconnect from the server and connect for the second game?

Rpc parameters

Create Room sometimes doesn't join the room

PUN Callbacks are sometimes not calling back.

Disconnected after change the scene, but DisconnectCause is just None.

RPC AllBuffered and OthersBuffered

PhotonNetwork.ServerTimestamp reads completely different values

PhotonNetwork.KeepAliveInBackground takes 10 seconds longer than expected to disconnect

Help with a Unity crash potentially caused by PUN

Different prefabs for owner/non-owner players with same Photon View

udp vs tcp for non-realtime

Rooms not showing

How to run a RPC Coroutine?

How to do Additive scene loading

photonView is null?

RPC method not found

Problem with Room.SetCustomProperties not working

Passing transforms in RPC

Curl Error 65

Photon Voice - Stop listening

What is the Difference between PhotonNetwork.Ismasterclient and PhotonView.ismasterclient in Photon

CCU per room or app as total?

Clients not updating gameobject after RPC received.

Some of the scene object's view id changes to 0 when I run the game

Having Issues Connecting To Master Due To 'Disconnect By Server Logic'

Loading a scene with Unity's Addressable System

Jittery player movement

'PrefabStageUtility' does not exist in the namespace 'UnityEditor.Experimental.SceneManagement'

setup photon server for webGL

Photon Fusion

Unity Problems with Photon Connection Problems

Some questions related to photon fusion

Fail to connect on local Photon Server with WebSocket

How do I sync head rotation over network?

Not able to set transform.position. Player keeps snapping back to position before change.

Ball synchronization in multiplayer game?

[Solved] Adding Photon View via code on Unity

I don't know this Error Please Help me

Fusion - Docs and Discord

How can I fix the problem of joining the same room after disconnecting from it?

How to synchronize animations without using parameters and transitions

Players spawned double but why?

public ip address of client


Construct 3 Runtime Issue

Players are active in the same scene, however can't interact with each other.

Why can't I get a list of all the player's GameObjects?

Muting a specific player with photon voice

Players not seeing the same thing

Pls Show example code how to add custom properties listed in lobby and how to get them from lobby

Understanding Set Custom Properites and CAS

Trouble with Connecting to PhotonChat Error ChatClient not implemented

On clicking A Button in a current Room

Tying to parent objects in game with Photon.PUN OnPhotonSerializeView

RPC Error

Using Input System with Fusion

How to propery use Player and NPC in Photon multiplayer game

Difference between PUN classic and PUN2

How do I enable or disable a object for all players?

new scene trying to read custom properties but getting null reference

Fusion vs Quantum

Best practice to sync the position of NPCs

The type or namespace name 'PhotonView' could not be found

How to make an object visible only to one player not the other one

PhotonNetwork.CloseConnection(playerToKick) does not remove player from room

About RTT in test Photon application

Android build errors with updated SDK.

onRoomListUpdate not updating roomlist properly?

Caught exception in OnEvent() for event code 200

CustomProperties on current room players not correct for new players entering the room

How to add a string to a player custom properties

Leaving a room and joining a new random room?

How can other players destroy room objects?

MasterClient Application Pause

PhotonNetwork.Instantiate Players as Child of empty game object...

Unable to join Discord because I can't change the name of my account

About using PUN in self hosted Photon Server

Setup photon on Amazon EC2 Servers

OnPlayerEnteredRoom Not Working?

players can't connect to each other

Urgent help, OperationResponse 230

About Dedicated Server Integration

Why am I getting a null?

How to despawn if Object is manually instantiated?

PUN 2 or Fusion?

Two Players at same time create two rooms, JoinRandomOrCreateRoom not found in SDK

About photon local server setting

Kick player if the App (Android) is paused/in background

Photon Pun Sharing Arrays of Bytes! I'm stuck

Fusion SessionList

Fusion Runner.Spawn

Input on Shared mode

Fusion Host

How to join a different room while currently inside a room?

Photon Network

Syncing shooting

I can't leave room by clicking leave room button and it says operation leaveroom(254) not allowed

OnChange callback is no longer invoked for non-zeroed properties..

Photon Pun2 VRIK, Final IK, Full Body Avatar Networking

Can I get the Photon Fusion plugin to Photon Server?

Why is my WebGL game failing to connect?

Structure with string cannot be used as a RPC parameter.

How to properly change scene

How to set MasterClient in SharedMode?

Get PhotonView through Player object / Get all PhotonViews in current room

Voice chat in Unity help needed!

Raise event - custom type not found - passing a list of vectors

Error joining room code 32758 Game does not exist (2 unity projects with same Photon AppId)



Is there an offline mode in Fusion?

Nullreference on NetworkRunner after an RPC

[BUG ?] OnSessionListUpdated not called



Disconnect WebGL

Starting microphone failed

Query for how to set up my network objects

Apple Silicon Support

How can I sync scenes for players joining later ?

Fusion-Voice integration error

New to Photon. How can I make sure the players spawn in the right place?

NullReferenceException when calling RPC

[Solved]Excuse me,I had this problem when I transferred the owner, what is the reason for this?

Errors on local network

Fusion Spawn() and RPCs acting much slower than PUN Instantiate() and RPCs

Topology vs. Input and State Authority

Networking VR with XR Interaction Toolkit & Oculus SDKs

How to disconnect from PhotonNetwork Completely and Correctly

New app - Photon Realtime vs Photon PUN

NetworkRunner ShutdownAction

Which Photon product to choose?

how to set max player to orginal lobby

NullReferenceException on StartGame

Meta Avatar Synch using unity Photon networking

Transfer Mic and Audio Source

On M1 mac, Fusion always fails with

How to invoke RPC on master client?

How to remove Photon completely from a project? Or bring up Set Up wizard again

Players Controlling Each Other

How to sync variables across clients?

Using FMOD with Photon Voice in Unity

Why does PhotonStream not work?

About switching to self-hosting

Grab an object

exiting receive thread (inside loop) server wss

Fusion and Gamelift

Can photon make game like Rise of kingdoms or similar

How to create global lobby system with fusion

How to detect player disconnect or leave the game?

[PUN2/Local/Quest2] Can only connect to a specific local server with Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets

Selecting the right Photon product

What does For Games only mean on the PUN pricing page?

Unity Video Player not synchronized for all players.

What does Interpolation Target do in NetworkTransform component?

Is NetworkArray optimized to only send the changed elements

What's the best way to check if a projectile has hit another player?

[Time] Getting the server-synced time?

How to handle large data chunks in Fusion

AR Foundation and PUN2

How to disable/limit Fusion Unity SDK from weaving all DLLs?

Can't to connect to photon server in WebGL websocket and websocketsecure

How to exit from a room so that OnPlayerLeft callback is called on the local client as well?

RPC call parameter limit

How to get and compare the custom properties of all players inside a room?

Setting player TTL at a higher value to avoid being kickout due to scene loading and leave room

Fusion Network Transform Interpolation

How can I use the JoinSessionLobby/OnSessionListUpdated to receive a list of sessions one can join?

Network Transform Jittery Movement

Photon pun Doesn't connect to master suddenly

How to disable development mode on unity editor?

How to sync a gameobject with common values

Is there a way to check which scene the host is in?

Current room's custom properties aren't changing

List of Rooms and Custom Properties

Matchmaking doesn't work Photon Fusion

Initialize database after Runner.Spawn

Property Changes Solutions

How do I make a Players Online count in a lobby?

Input Authority problem

Error and warning occur in the Animator View (SceneObjects)

Failed to find a PhotonView With ... for incoming OwnershipUpdate event

About what fusion can do?

Is there a way to handle re-connection in Fusion or do we have to handle it manually?

how to sync audio coming from instantiated game objects so all players can hear it?

Tick of update call is different from expected result.

OperationResponse 230

Fusion Spawn Addressables

Fusion Application Loop Demo Bug

Mono Cecil has errors when trying to download

Any plans to support the Godot engine?

LeaveRoom and Disconnect are not working at all

Teleporting the player?

Mono Cecil will not install

Having trouble getting player count on Fusion

About Multiple Dedicated Server

Unity Script Error CS115 no suitable method found to override

Can't spawn objects/rpc in shared mode

Getting roundtrip in Fusion

Error CS0246 in Fusion.CodeGen.cs when trying to build for IOS


Before I launch this update, tell me about Photon Animator View

Manually Instantiated Network Object Not Syncing Position Correctly

OnInput not call

SetActive(false) object for all players in room

Operation JoinLobby (229) not allowed on current server (NameServer)

How do I make a list of players in the current room with nicknames?

Fusion Weaver errors

Fusion Out Of Memory error


How to correctly set up Network Transform/Network Rigidbody?

(Fusion) Max peer per room

Stuttering movement with Photon Transform View Classic

problem about send buffer full

Respawn player game object after dead

Headless Server

Updating PUN

Adding a new Photon Animator View to a Photon View's Observable Components at runtime

How to implement a Networking Line Renderer in my Script?

Is Photon (Fusion)Unity Networking support the WebGL multiplayer game?

Static RPC

How to debug this

How Do I Load New Scenes With Pun?

Moving from PUN2 to Fusion

Calling RPC after OnPlayerJoined

Is there a way to get room list from every region?

Some questions about fusion limits

I want to disable networkobject(player) when get out of Aoi(Area Of Interest)

Raise Event alternative in Fusion?

Response 230

Trouble with Fusion Tutorial 102


Fusion in Headless Mode on a Server

Fusion UWP build issue

On second player joining, the cameras for both players switch to the second player

Instantiated Object is not Synchronizing

Spawned() not called on NetworkBehaviour

Object transform scale changing at different velocities in host and client

Problem with syncing child object rotations


Manipulating the transform of a NetworkTransform object

Set a username / displayname in fusion

How do we use Snapshot Interpolation?


Hi! I am using photon with unity and im trying to sync players skins and hats, But it doesn't work.

How I can switch the StateAuthority?

Joining a room fails every time NEED HELP unity

Shared vs Hosted mode

Runner.Spawn OnBeforeSpawned

[Duplicated] Getting an InvalidOperationException

Getting an InvalidOperationException

Network Transform vs. Network Transform Obsolete

Best way to find which player is 'my' player in scene?

How can I detect the speaker audio group?

Custom Spawning

Disconnection Issue Server Timeout

Voice 2.31 - errors with Unity WebGL

Fusion and collisions - OnTriggerEnter and OnTriggerExit questions

What is the correct approach to teleport a player in Fusion?

[FUSION] Sync text between clients

Piracy/Cracking Costing Data/Traffic/CCU

NetworkObject of my NetworkBehaviour is null for object in scene

whats casuses this NullReferenceException

Leave & Quit from a Game Session to a Lobby

Network Security and Photon Server Ports

Player position not synchronizing [Photon Transform View]

Interpolations of NetworkTransforms in Shared Mode Bugged

Maximum Room Number vs CCU


RPC method not found on obeject?

photonView.IsMine is set to false when it should be on true?? Please help

Fusion needs input validation

How can I use Photon with visual scripting tool Bolt

How to publish a multiplayer game on Steam cost-effective

What is the proper way to AddForce in Fusion?

Fusion and handling async loading prefabs that contain network objects

Sync object transform from client side

[Networked] not changed

Is it possible to use Epic Online Services (EOS) with Photon?

Input Authority

[REQUEST] Unity WebGL Support for Photon Voice

Gameplay lag in client side

Fusion Local Player Lagging


instantiate players with different data PUN2 Unity

Is Photon Multiplayer compatible with Unreal Engine 5?

An error has occurred during a TLS handshake.

An error has occurred during a TLS handshake

How to solve conflict problems between Photon PUN 2 and Photon Voice 2?

I want to update a room list.

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Close room even if others are in it?

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Adding login and account functionality

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Change value of custom property

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connection problem

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Version and update

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File Transfer

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Are there any bandwidth limitations?

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can't launch Photon

Identify Master player in Room

How i get my UserId or a player UserId?

Photon server on Linux ??

Get Player Ready Check and Start Game.


How to rejoin the room after a player disconnect from Photon

IPunPrefabPool Example for Object Pool

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When Master leaves, all leave

How to know if a player is already connected

Photon Animator View - What about Triggers?

Send an array of int[] via RPC

internet connection availability

[Solved] Photon PUN broken in build, works in editor

Ev Destroy Failed. Could not find PhotonView with instantiationId

Closing a room

Enable Unity's Ui only for the player how triggered it

Check If Room Exists

Received OnSerialization for view ID xxxx We have no such photon view.

Difference between Unreliable on Change and Reliable Delta Compressed

What exactly is a master client and how it should be used?

Server Side Code?

instantiating object problem!

GameObject from PhotonPlayer

ThirdPersonController and Photon

Live Video Stream

Namespace errors when importing Photon Voice

OperationResponse 230

Not both transmitting voice, but just the client that was started last

Why i can not connect to Photon chat ?

Why this

Error compiling Android NDK

Best way to detect user disconnects

Photon voice proximity voice chat?

PhotonTransformView and PhotonRigidbodyView

Can PunRpc be passed from parent gameobject to child

Unity display player list in room with unity's new UI

Offline mode connecting online anyway!

how change Regions?

Server disconnect timeout

Multiple scenes loading ontop of eachother

Object state synchronisation

Start Coroutine by RPC?

Check Players In Room

How do you set the parent object of a PhotonNetwork.InstantiateSceneObject?

Time scale

Leaving and Rejoining a room problem

custom class object sent over RPC

PhotonPlayer Bot

How to Switch Master Client?

How am I able to sync particles from my gun with other clients?

[SOLVED] Can't move when two players are connected

How to use Join random room with filter

How to create a custom skin for each player

How to know if player connected to server

room custom properties

PhotonNetwork.Instantiate / Different Scenes

How to sync movement speed properly in my case?

CustomRoomPropertiesForLobby is not working

Muting a specific player

Concurrent pick up

Explain how to use byte code on PhotonPeer.RegisterType()

Parameter type does not match (remote Animator)

How to get the Server Time?

sync variables

Cant see players which are already joined.

photonview is.mine

Slider/Health Bar with Photon

Connecting with multiple local players

Reconnect after application is terminated (on mobile too)

DI / IoC using PUN

How do I get the current player's region?

Proxy Servers

Illegal view ID

Photon Voice not loud enough.

Amazon GameLift

Could not find RPC with index

Is there an official/unofficial Photon Discord server around?

How to create the Private chat system with Photon Chat?

OnPhotonPlayerDisconnected not called after Disconnect() ?

Example for Custom Properties

multi players game & database

Send multiple data via RPC to limit message on Photon Cloud

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