Hi all! Is there anyone can help me in these things?

I am making a multiplayer fps game using photon. I have made ( TDM, FFA, Duel) modes but I need help in making Domination mode? any idea?


  • Where should I store points of teams? and How frequently should I update those values?

  • Check the PhotonTeamsManager and or PunTeams class. Also, there is a class with score extensions for players. This can be used similarly with teams.

    The files are included in the PUN 2 package.

  • Thank you @Tobias Sure I will definitely check it.

  • @Tobias Those classes do not help me because I need to implement the scores in room property because these scores are of team's not of players.

  • Well. Change them to use Custom Room Properties.

    We can't provide code for every use case...